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The company we are going to look at today is a famous leading wire-manufacturing company.

This company is a foreign company that can operate with foreign headquarters

60 Fresher Job Vacancies In Chennai

Currently the employment available from this company is suitable for both men and women.

All the information about this company and this job opportunity is arranged below for you so that you know all the information and apply for this job.

Table of contents :

All the above topics are given in order below so after reading the entire employment information of this company apply for this job.

Company name :

The name of the company is Yasaki India Private Limited ( Yazaki india pvt lit ).

The company manufactures wire and some electronic products required for four-wheelers.

These manufactured products are exported locally and abroad.

Job Post :

Currently employed in this company ( production & assembly ) from the production and assembly department.

So the job opportunity for you will be in production and assembly department in this company.

Qualification :

Generally educational qualification is one of the most important thing for the candidates to join every company.

So at present in this institution the tenth class to degree ( 10th – Any Degree) All educated people are employed.

It has been informed by the company that men must have completed the diploma course.

Work Location:

This company can manufacture wire Kiramalai Nagar in Chennai Located in the area.

Accommodation is arranged for women from the company side so all the women from local and outside places have room facilities. You can use it.

Duty Hours :

Generally works in all companies Eight hours of work Only in this company.

There are two shifts in total. Mainly there is no night shift in this company.

Experience :

As far as this company is concerned both experienced and inexperienced people can come for the job.

No previous experience is required. Free job training for you will be provided by the company itself.

Gender :

Men and women Both genders have job opportunities in this company.

So all men and women watching our job 7 channel please grab this one job opportunity.

Benefits :

Below is the offer for you in this company.

There is a hostel for women

Transport facilities to the surrounding areas of the institution are bus facilities which are completely free.

Meals are provided to all employees inside the company during working hours.

All the important benefits mentioned above are provided to all the employees working in the company.

Interview date:

Currently in this company Direct employment Direct recruitment takes place because of

So there is no interview.

Directly come to this company and you can join the job. Definitely let all your friends know about this opportunity. It’s an important part of their life.

Total vacancy:

At present, the company employs around 60 people. That means including both boys and girls preschoolers 60 persons are required So let your friends know about this job opportunity immediately.

As this is a direct recruitment there is a chance that this one job will end anytime so grab this one job opportunity as soon as you can.

Salary :

Most important is the monthly salary. According to this company, every employee working here is paid a monthly salary 13,200 to 17,000 A monthly salary of up to

And every year this monthly salary is increased.

Mobile no :

The phone number of this company is given below.

After reading all the above details you can contact the below phone number and clarify all your doubts and then join this job.

9629887594 , 7305944909

Maybe if these two phone numbers are busy then you can contact this mobile number via whatsapp.

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