Employment of Mitsuba Sical pvt ltd

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Employment of Mitsuba Sical pvt ltd

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Today we are going to look at the employment of a leading company that manufactures electrical peoduct.

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Company name

Job role


Work location

Duty hours



Age limit


Interview date

Total vacancy


Mobile no

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Company name : Mitsuba Sical pvt ltd.

Mitsuba Sical pvt ltd is a leading manufacturer of various electrical products.

Currently, a job opportunity has been announced for us from this company.

Job Post :

Work for us is in this company Production Department – depends on

At present, the company needs people for the above mentioned department.

Qualification :

Educational qualification is one of the most important for getting a job.

So in this company Diploma, Any Degree, BE There is employment for all educated men.

In that too 2021 2022 2023 You should complete your course in these three years.

Completion of any of the above courses is enough to guarantee your placement in this institution.

Work Location:

The company is located in an area called Kummudipoondi near Chennai.

So the place of work for you is Kummidipoondi, Chennai.

Duty Hours :

Currently followed in all companies eight o’clock Time work is also followed by this company.

Working time for you is total 8 hours in this company.

Experience :

In my company Those with prior experience and those without prior experience Both have job opportunities.

On-the-job training is provided to persons with no prior experience.

Gender :

Currently in this company The information that only men are needed for the job The company said.

So all male friends who are looking for job opportunities on our Job 7 News website, please take advantage of this one job opportunity.

Benefits :

Various benefits are provided by the company to all the employees working in the company. Those benefits are listed below one by one.

Bus facility to surrounding areas of the company will be provided by the company free of cost to all the employees.

Working hours will be provided by the catering company to all employees.

All the above benefits are given to all the employees working in the company.

Total Post :

Now from the company side 70 persons It has been officially announced that the recruitment will take place.

So if any of your friends are struggling without any job opportunities then let them know this information immediately.

Interview date:

Currently, the job vacancy announced in this company is direct joining, so you can directly come and work in this company, there is no interview.

Salary :

Below is the monthly income given to the employees working in these two companies.

₹ 15,000 to ₹ 16,500 up to

15,000 to 16,500 thousand monthly income can be provided to you in this company as mentioned above.

HR Mobile Number:

If you want to work in this company and have any doubts about this job opportunity you can contact the below phone number.

7358662777, 8925901494

After answering all your doubts you can go to work in this company.

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