BIG BREAKING NEWS Electricity Minister Senthil Balaji arrested by enforcement department!

June 14, 2023

Admin Media


Preliminary information has come out that the Enforcement Department has arrested Tamil Nadu Power Minister Senthil Balaji.

Tamil Nadu Electricity, Prohibition and Extermination Minister Senthil Balaji’s house on Raja Annamalaipuram Greenways Road, Chennai and his brother Ashokumar’s house and the office of Minister Senthil Balaji in the Chief Secretariat were searched by the enforcement agencies since 8 am yesterday.

In this case, preliminary information has been released that Minister Senthil Balaji has been arrested by the enforcement department, but no information has been released about the case in which he has been arrested.

While being taken to the Enforcement Department office in Nungambakkam, Chennai for questioning at around 2 am, Minister Senthil Balaji developed chest pain and was admitted to the Emergency Department of Omandurar Pannoku Hospital, Chennai.

Meanwhile, Sports Minister Udayanidhi Stalin, Medical Minister M. Subramanian, Highways Minister AV Velu, Law Minister Raghupathi and Shekhar Babu also visited the Omanturar Hospital where Minister Senthil Balaji has been admitted.

Minister Senthil Balaji has been admitted to the ICU. He has no memory of himself. Even after calling his name four or five times, he did not open his eyes. He has a swelling near his ear. He must have been tortured and intensive treatment is being given to him.