A video posted by a soldier that his wife was assaulted… Police explanation..!

June 11, 2023

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A video posted by a soldier that his wife was assaulted… Police explanation..!

After investigating a video on social media where an army soldier named Prabhakaran said that some people beat up his wife Keerthi in Patavedu village of Tiruvannamalai district because of the problem of vacating the shop.

Thiruvannamalai district, Patavedu village near Renukampal temple, Kumar from Gunnathur village built a building on the land belonging to Renukampal temple and rented it to Selvamurthy of Patavedu village for Rs.9.50/- lakhs about 5 years ago and rented it out for Rs.3000/- per month. In this case, after the death of the said Kumar last year, his son Ramu had negotiated with the said Selvamurthy in the presence of the village dignitaries to hand over the shop to them and they had agreed in writing that they would give Rs.9.50/- lakh to Ramu and after receiving it, they would be free to open the Selvamurthy shop on 10.02.2023. has been reached.

Since then, Selvamurthy has not received the money as per the contract and has not vacated the shop. Yesterday (10.06.2023) Ramu and his family went to the said shop at around 1000 am yesterday (10.06.2023) and asked Selvamurthy’s sons Jeeva and Udaya to vacate the shop, but Selvamurthy’s son Jeeva hit Ramu on the head with a knife.

Keerthi, wife of the soldier and daughter of the said Selvamurthy, and his mother were also present at that time. Seeing the injury to Ramu, the people of the neighborhood ran to Ramu’s support and took the goods from the shop and threw them out in a rage saying that he refused to vacate the shop as per the contract and attacked the owner of the shop. Moreover, the initial investigation revealed that no one attacked Keerthy or her mother and insulted her, except that the public threw things away in a frenzy. And this information appears to be completely exaggerated. However, based on the complaint filed by both sides, a case has been registered at the Chandavasal Police Station and investigation is underway. Based on the veracity of this, the culprits will be arrested soon and appropriate action will be taken, it said.