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Employment of Corporate Company

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Company name: Corporate Company

Corporate now offers a dynamic work environment, benefits and opportunities for career growth within our esteemed company.

Currently offering an exciting job opportunity for the position of Field Sales Executive.

Job role: Field Sales Executive

An exciting opportunity exists for a Field Sales Executive to join our team.

At present, the company needs people for the above mentioned department.

Qualifications: Graduated candidate

Educational qualification is one of the most important for getting a job.

So in this company Must have completed graduation.

Bike is mandatory.

Banking, Finance, Insurance Must have knowledge in sales.

Work location: Chennai

The company is located in Chennai.

So the place of work for you is Chennai.

Experience: One year experience in sales

This company has at least one year of experience in sales.

Duty hours: 8 hours

Working hours for the job are set at 8 hours per day.

Working time for you is total 8 hours in this company.

Gender : Currently in this company Men only The company has informed that the information is required for the job.

So all male friends who are looking for job opportunities on our Job 7 News website, please take advantage of this one job opportunity.

Benefits: This corporate provides food facilities for employee welfare, performance based bonuses.

Interview : Streamlined for the post of Field Sales Executive Direct connection You can directly join the company as it follows the process and there is no interview.

Salary: Below is the monthly income given to the employees working in this company.

₹ 18,000 to ₹ 25,000 + Unlimited incentives.

18,000 to 25,000 thousand monthly income can be provided to you in this company as mentioned above.

Contact details:

If you want to work in this company and have any doubts about this job opportunity you can contact the below phone number.

[email protected]

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please send your application to [email protected].

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