Don’t sneeze at DMK workers this is not a threat Warning! Watch the video released by M.K.Stalin

June 15, 2023

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Don’t piss off DMK workers. We also know all the politics. This is not intimidation; Warning!

Minister Senthil Balaji was arrested by the enforcement officers at 2 am yesterday. Due to chest pain, he was admitted to Omanturar Government Hospital in Chennai and is being treated in the intensive care unit. After angio treatment by doctors, minister Senthil Balaji has been recommended for bypass surgery.

In this case, Chief Minister M. K. Stalin came to meet Minister Senthil Balaji, who was admitted to the emergency department of Omanturar Hospital in Chennai due to chest pain. He also asked the doctors about the treatments being given to him. in this situation

DMK Party leader and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin in the video released today

You are well aware of all the unfair harassment that is being given to Minister Senthil Balaji by the enforcement department. No one has the slightest doubt that this is an act of blatant political vendetta. If they have been locked up for 18 hours, stressed, mentally-physically debilitated and have developed a life-threatening heart disease based on an old complaint from ten years ago, can there be any more blatant political vendetta than this?

If there is a complaint against Senthil Balaji, if there is a court order regarding it, I am not saying that it is wrong to call him and conduct an investigation. He is not ordinary enough to run and shine! He is a member of the legislature elected by the people. He has also been a member of the Legislative Assembly for 5 times. He is also a minister for the second time. Attends public events daily. So what is the need to lock him up and interrogate him like some terrorist?

When the enforcement officials came, he cooperated fully. He said that he was ready to explain whatever documents he had taken. Even after that they have been locked up for 18 hours. Not allowed to meet anyone. Finally he was taken to the hospital only after he became completely unwell and suffered from severe heart pain. If they were more careless, it would be a danger to his life!

We are not running a party just for power. We run the party for principles. We will fight till the end to save the principles. The history of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam is a witness to this! If we oppose it with dominant mentality, we will stop it firmly with the army of principles.

There is no oppression that we have not seen, no protests that we have not waged, like anti-Hindi protests, Misa period. Take a look at the history of how the protests were conducted. If not, ask senior leaders in Delhi.

Don’t sneeze. You can’t bear to see a DMK or a DMK person sneeze. We also know all the politics. This is not a threat, but a warning! Therefore, the BJP, which is responsible for running a responsible Union government, should realize that responsibility and act. Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has said that the authoritarian activities should be stopped.

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