The virus spreading in the name of pink whatsapp .. What to do to prevent it Full details pink whatsapp | pink whatsapp app

June 11, 2023

Admin Media


Pink WhatsApp virus spreading on WhatsApp

A link is being circulated in WhatsApp groups claiming to change the green color of the WhatsApp logo to pink under the name WhatsApp Pink.

WhatsApp Pink is basically malware or a malicious computer program. This Malware .If you get infected with this new malware you can completely lose control of the device and the data on it. This virus will give the hacker complete access to the phone where the virus is installed

Users will be prompted to click on a link to download WhatsApp Pink. Any user who clicks on the link will be redirected to the APK download where the virus is hidden in the downloaded file itself. In their eagerness to install the new WhatsApp app, they are tricked into downloading a virus. Also, they instantly give permission to ask for a virus on a smartphone.

What’s happening on WhatsApp:-

💐 *Apply New Pink* Must try new whatsapp

💐 *Do you know about new whatsapp?* Must check this once

🎈 *Add New whatsapp features* Try this and enjoy new look.

💐 *Update your WhatsApp* Yes, this has unbelievable features. Try this

A message with a link as above is called WhatsApp Update and Pink WhatsApp in all groups because the hacking virus is spreading that message. Clicking this will give hackers complete access to the device.

After that the person posting in the group is in any other group and if someone sends a message in that group, a message is automatically recorded on his behalf as Pink WhatsApp Update..

No one should touch the pink whatsapp link posted by someone in the group. If he touches it, his entire whatsapp goes to the hackers and the message is recorded automatically. This may steal your bank account and personal information.. So no relatives should touch this link…!

First, if you get that link, don’t touch it, don’t click on it, if you touch that link, it will automatically share that link to all groups in your WhatsApp, it’s a kind of virus. There are chances of theft.

A warning has been issued that if they click on this link they will be downloaded and their information will be stolen immediately. Users are strongly cautioned never to use it.

What to do to prevent:-

The only way to control this virus is that no one should touch it, click it, give a clear chat immediately, that’s all.

It is best to download any app from Google’s Play Store. Avoid downloading apps from the internet. Any app that needs to be updated can be updated from the Play Store.

Cybercrime Security Police Rajahariya on his Twitter page

He warned that no one should download this app and not share it with friends. It has been revealed that this pink WhatsApp app created by cell phone hackers is very dangerous and if you download this app all the information in your cell phone will be hacked. Do not touch that link.

Those Pins which are shared by many people spread very fast on WhatsApp last year 2021.

Then our admin media gave warning about that virus on WhatsApp and restricted to read that message

Do not click on any link in your WhatsApp group like this, it is a virus link