What is the full details of what actor Vijay spoke at the education award ceremony

June 17, 2023

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Actor Vijay, on behalf of his Vijay People’s Movement, will present prizes to the students who secured the top 3 positions in the 10th and 12th general examinations in 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu today at Neelangarai, Chennai.

Actor Vijay, who visited the function, presented a diamond necklace to Nandini, a student from Dindigul, who topped the state level by scoring 600 out of 600 in the 12th class general examination. After that actor Vijay honored other students by giving prizes and certificates

Actor Vijay speaking at the event Dear friends who live in my heart, now I feel that responsibility has come, when I see you, I remember my school memories. When I read it was very approx.

I saw that line in a movie and it really appealed to me. If we have forest, they will take it. If there is money, they will grab it. But they cannot take the course alone. Congratulations to your teachers who worked hard to make you successful. Thanks to the people’s movement friends and its president Anand Annan who organized this function.

It is up to you, the young voters of tomorrow, to elect good leaders. Because you are going to vote in the coming years. We are going to stick our hands in our eyes. I am referring to paying for and voting.

If you pay Rs 1000 per person, it will cost around Rs 15 crore per block. If that is the case then you have to wonder how they would have earned those 15 crores in the past. He advised your mother to tell your father not to buy money and vote again.

And complete education is what we remember after we have forgotten what we studied, as Einstein said. I realized that only after some time.

Your education depends on your character and thinking ability. If you lose your money you have lost nothing. If you lose health, you lose something. But if you lose your character, you lose everything.

Now you have completed your 12th and are going to continue your college studies. Now you will get freedom like hostel, college, new friends. Take care of it safely. Don’t lose your character and character. Live and enjoy life. Also don’t forget that our life is in our hands.

Also there will be students who have failed the exam in your area near your home. If you teach them how you passed and make them pass, that’s the gift you give me. He spoke as