How to Find Lost Mobile Using IMEI Number Easily!! How to find Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones using IMEI

June 18, 2023

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If your mobile is lost or stolen, you can block the phone without blocking the SIM card. We will see how it is completely in this post

If a mobile phone is lost or stolen, it is very difficult to find it because you don’t even know where the phone is. But now, if our phone is lost, the central government has introduced a new technology called Sanchar Sathi to find it.

People across India can easily locate their lost or stolen mobile phones using their 15-digit IMEI number. And the highlight is that the mobile phone can be disabled so that no one can use it.

What is IMEI number:-

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity Every mobile phone comes with a 15 digit unique number called International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). This unique number is the identity certificate for each mobile device and cannot be changed by anyone. It is also a number that helps you identify which network it is currently connected to. Even if a new SIM card is changed in that cell phone, the location of the mobile can be easily tracked. This number can be used to track your phone How to track and block your lost or stolen phone using IMEI number

How to Block a Mobile:- You can block the stolen mobile by going to the official website of the central government.

Go to that website and click on BLOCK STOLEN/ LOST MOBILE Then enter your name, your new mobile number, your old mobile IMEI number, your mobile company name, model, your mobile purchase bill correctly.

Next post the details like date, place, time, police report number where your mobile was lost

Next, post all your details, your JD proof, address and then submit

You can block your lost or stolen mobile. After that you will be given a Request ID by which you can know your application status

How to find your mobile IMEI number:-

To know the IMEI number of our mobile number, we can know it by typing *#06 #

To unlock the stolen mobile after finding it:- Again you can unblock using the above website.