In case of stagnant rainwater or broken tree in Chennai, you can report a complaint on 1913 Corporation Notice

June 19, 2023

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Municipal corporation notification that in case of standing rain water on the roads in Chennai or broken tree, you can report on the number 1913

Rain is falling in various districts of Tamil Nadu due to the atmospheric upper circulation over the Southeast Bay of Bengal and Southwest region.

As a result, rainwater has stagnated in many places in Chennai. Similarly, trees have fallen due to rain. These trees are immediately removed by the municipal employees and the fire department to remove the stagnant rain water and the fallen trees.

In this case, Chennai Corporation Commissioner Radhakrishnan has given various instructions to the zonal officials.

In that, everyone should be alert as there is a chance of rain during the day.

Ensure that Chennai roads are water-free. If there is any water stagnation, find out the cause and fix it immediately.

Each Zone/Ward should have set up separate teams to repair blockages in storm water drains

Special care should be taken to ensure that rain water does not accumulate in the tunnels. Ensure that the sensor based warning system works well in all tunnels.

In case of trees falling on the roads, teams should be kept ready with necessary equipment to remove the trees,” he advised.

Also, if there is rain water on the roads in Chennai or if the tree is broken, the corporation can report to the number 1913.