Heart surgery for Minister Senthil Balaji begins at Kaveri Hospital

June 21, 2023

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Heart surgery for Minister Senthil Balaji

On the 14th, the enforcement department arrested Electricity Minister Senthil Balaji on the complaint that there was an irregularity in the appointment of the transport department under the AIADMK regime. When he was taken from his home to the Enforcement Directorate for investigation, Senthilbalaji suddenly developed chest pain. After this, the enforcement officers took him to Omanturar Pannoku Hospital. He was given intensive care there. Immediately to him Angio tests were done and doctors at Omandurar Pannoku suggested immediate bypass surgery as he had blockages in three major blood vessels of the heart.

Following this, Minister Senthil Balaji’s side sought permission from the court to seek treatment at Cauvery Hospital, and Judge Alli granted the permission.

After this he was shifted to Kaveri Hospital where he is being given continuous treatment. In this case, yesterday Tamil Nadu People’s Welfare Minister M. Subramanian informed that Minister Senthil Balaji, who has been admitted to Kaveri Hospital, will undergo surgery today.

In this situation, Minister Senthil Balaji will be started today under the leadership of cardiac surgeon Raghuram, the hospital administration said.