Penalty for exceeding 40 kmph!! Chennai traffic police explanation speed limit 40km

June 21, 2023

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Traffic Police Plan to Revise Speed ​​Limits of Motorists in Chennai

The Chennai Traffic Police had said that speeding on Chennai roads should not exceed 40 kmph during the day and 50 kmph at night and if you go faster than that, you will be automatically fined by the speed control device.

In this case, this has been explained In the notification issued by the Chennai Metropolitan Traffic Police:-

Owing to the criticism from certain quarters in social media and some confusions alleging that GCTP has proposed to generate challans for speed violations by the vehicles plying in Chennai city, it is clarified that GCTP installed six speed display boards wherein the speed of every vehicle crossing that The board is displayed and the road user is able to know if he has crossed the permitted speed limit.

These boards are for cautionary purpose and not equipped to generate challans. 10 more fixed speed ANPR cameras which are also capable of raising challans for speed violations are installed by GCTP but the data to be captured by these would be used only for study purposes and not for raising challans till a final decision is taken about permissible speed limits .

Possibility of exploring different speed limits in different roads at different times will also be explored along with the comparative study of speed limits in other metros.

That is

News is spreading that ‘speed display’ and ANPR type cameras have been installed in Chennai city to detect the speed of vehicles and impose fines.

Speed ​​display boards have been installed at 6 places in Chennai. Is the speed of each vehicle at the prescribed speed while crossing this board? can know that.

It is also equipped to warn the motorists and to let the public know the speed of the vehicles.

Also more than 10 ANPR type cameras have been installed by Chennai Traffic Police. These cameras are installed only to measure the speed of vehicles.

Based on the data obtained through these cameras, the study will be conducted. Based on those studies, the speed limit will be determined as to how fast people should drive vehicles in each area.

This speed limit is yet to be determined. Thus the motorists will not be penalized by ANPR type cameras. It has been explained that the speeds of vehicles in the area where these cameras are located are detected and the average speed is calculated.