Coastal Regulatory Authority gives permission to set up memorial pen symbol of Dr. Kalyan

June 22, 2023

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Coastal Regulatory Authority of the Central Government has given permission for the memorial pen symbol of Muthamizharinagar Dr Kalainar to be set up on the Chennai Marina beach!

The Coastal Regulatory Commission has also given permission while the Environmental Expert Assessment Committee of the Central Government has accepted the application of the Government of Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu government had applied for the approval of the Central Government’s Environmental Expert Assessment Committee to set up a 134-feet tall pen monument in memory of the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Artist Karunanidhi, at a cost of Rs 81 crore at Chennai Marina.

The Environmental Expert Assessment Committee of the Central Government, which considered it, gave approval with 15 conditions. Central Government’s Coastal Regulatory Authority has given permission for Dr. Kalyan memorial pen symbol in the middle of the sea.

Permission subject to 15 conditions:-

INS Adyar Naval base to obtain clearance certificate.

Under no circumstances should ground water be used for construction purposes.

An expert committee should be set up and monitored.

A comprehensive plan for emergency rescue should be prepared.

Construction work should not be carried out during turtle breeding season.

The National Coastal Research Center should monitor soil erosion, sand accumulation etc

Pen memorial has been given permission with 15 conditions. There are reports that the Tamil Nadu government has decided to start the work soon as all necessary permissions have been received for the construction of the pen monument.