110 years ago, the submarine that went to see the Titanic sank in the sea exploded and 5 people died. What is the full details?

June 23, 2023

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The U.S. Coast Guard has announced that the Titanic, which sank 111 years ago on Sunday, exploded, killing all five people on board.

Titanic Shipwreck:-

In 1912, the Titanic was sailing from England to New York City. On the night of April 14, the ship unexpectedly hit an iceberg and plunged into the sea, killing more than 1,500 people.

After that the ship sunk in the sea and was abandoned as it was not found but in 1985 740 km to the American island of Newfoundland. Far under the sea is approx At a depth of 12,500 feet The Titanic was found

But the Titanic could not be pulled up to the sea. So the explorers are looking at the Titanic by going to the deep sea.

Titan Tour:-

United States to visit the Titanic in the deep sea called Oceangate A private company designed a submarine.

The submarine was capable of going to a depth of 13,000 feet in the ocean.

This submarine is 21 feet long

It can carry only 5 people including a pilot and 4 passengers.

2 crore per person to go on this tour.


The submarine left Canada’s St. John’s on the 18th. The submarine was piloted by Stockton Rush.

Communication between the submarine and the Polar Prince, which was anchored above the sea, was lost when it was about 4 km under the sea. And the submarine did not return within the stipulated time.

This submersible had only enough oxygen to breathe for 4 days

Following this, the US and Canadian Coast Guard were actively involved in the search for the 5.

In this case, the US Coast Guard said that the Titan submarine exploded and all 5 people on board died.

Who were on board the submarine that exploded? who

There were 5 people in the missing submarine including 3 tourists, a pilot and a tour guide.

Hamish Harding – 58 years old is a great businessman from Britain.

Shahzada Dawood – 48 years old British billionaire of Pakistani origin.

Sulaiman Dawood – Shahzada Dawood’s son, 19 years old and a student

Paul Henri Narcolet – 77 years old submarine pilot

Stockton Rush – The 61-year-old is the founder and CEO of Ocean Gate, the company that organized the Titanic tour.

Regarding the accident:-

The U.S. Coast Guard reports parts of the submersible have been found under the sea, and no one on board is believed to be alive. The U.S. Coast Guard said the bodies of the dead will be found and recovered.