Anyone who has mastered Agama pujas can become a priest. High Court judgment

June 26, 2023

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The Madras High Court decided that those who have passed Agama and Pujas can become priests

In the year 2018, a vacancy notice was published by the Department of Charities to appoint new consecration stones for the Salem Sukhavaneswarar Temple. It was mentioned that anyone can apply for the post of arshakar if they read the rules of Agama.

Against this, Subramanya Gurus, who worked in the same temple, filed a case in the Madras High Court. In it, Suganeswar Temple became the basis of the Agama and said that the merits mentioned in this notice were not the basis of the Agama. In the verdict given today after the trial of this case

The judge upheld the government’s law to appoint vacant priests and sthanikars in temples on the basis of the qualification certificate provided by the chief priests of temples adhering to Agama rules.

It is enough to know and master the Agama rules followed in the respective temples. The Madras High Court ruled that those who do not study the Agama can also become priests of temples that do not follow the Agama.