Kamal Haasan gifted a car to Coimbatore female driver Sharmila..!

June 26, 2023

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Actor Kamal Haasan gifted a new car to Kamal Haasan’s female driver Sharmila.

Sharmila, a woman driver from Coimbatore who had given up her job as a bus driver, was gifted a new car by the Kamal Cultural Centre.

In the statement published in this regard,

Sharmila was the first private bus driver in Coimbatore, like Veeralakshmi, the first woman driver of the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation, Vasantakumari, and the first woman ambulance driver.

He worked hard for his dream of becoming a bus driver and did a challenging job effectively and for that he received appreciations from various quarters.

I am deeply saddened to see the recent discussion about Sharmila being a role model for women of her age. My hope is that Sharmila is not meant to be just a driver but to create thousands of Sharmilas Kamal Cultural Center donates a new car to Sharmila Sharmila will resume her journey as a rental car driving entrepreneur.

I want us as a civilized society to stand by women who have been suppressed for years and years when they break their shackles and let Dharani rule. My best wishes for daughter Sharmila.’ He said.