No ban on offering prayers at Thiruparankundram dargah High Court order Full Details Thiruparankundram sikkandar dargah

June 28, 2023

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The Madurai High Court has denied the Madurai High Court ruling that it cannot prohibit Muslims from offering prayers at Sikandar Dargah in the Nellithoppu area on top of Tiruparangunram hill in Madurai district.

Hazarat Sultan Sikandar Badusha Auliya Dargah is very old and has been built on top of Sikandar Hill in Tiruparangunram, Madurai district.

At the base of the hill is the Arulmiku Subramaniaswamy temple, and on one side of the hill are Kasiviswanathar temple and Uchippillaiyar temple.

At the same time in 1920 OSNo.4 of 1920 was filed in the Madurai Subordinate Court that the place where the dargah is located is owned by the Devasthanam Board and in the said case it was ruled that the land belonging to the dargah including the rice paddies, the steps leading to the dargah hilltop and the flagpole belongs to the Muslims.

Again in the year 1975 again on behalf of the Devasthanam Board again in Madurai Subordinate Court OS No. 506 of 1975 a suit was filed claiming the land near the flagpole on the top of the hill. But the said suit was dismissed and the Darga’s land title was reconfirmed by the said suit

In this ancient dargah, every year on the 16th day of the Islamic month of Rajab, the Chandanakudu Uroos and Ganduri ceremony is held. Also, Muslims conduct prayers in Dargah every year during the festivals of Ramzan and Bakrid. mentioned.

In this case Ramalingam from Madurai had filed a petition in the Madurai branch of the High Court.

in it Sikandar Dargah is also located in Nellithoppu Hill area of ​​Tiruparangunram. There is also a Kashi Vishwanath temple. Devotees going to Kashi Vishwanath temple are affected due to Muslims offering prayers in Dargah. Therefore, he had demanded that Muslims should be banned from performing prayers and other activities in the Nellithoppu area on Tiruparangunram Hill.

The Madurai High Court Judges, who inquired into this, stated that there will be no harm because the Muslims perform the prayer for half an hour and ordered that the prayer cannot be banned.