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Age limit

Work location


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Fresher’s Trainee Job Vacancy offers an amazing opportunity to the people who want to start their career in internet connection industry. A reputable company, with benefits and extensive training, provides a solid foundation for this professional development.

Job role: Fresher’s Trainee

There is an exciting opportunity to join the work of

At present, the company needs people for the above mentioned department.

Qualifications: 8th, 10th, 12th, ITI Electrician

Educational qualification is one of the most important for getting a job.

So should have completed 8th, 10th, 12th, ITI Electrician in this company.

Age limit: 18 – 23

Candidates between 18 to 23 will be selected for this job.

Work location: Ambattur Industrial Estate Chennai

This company is located in Chennai

Experience: Freshers

Prior experience in this company Those who don’tthere is employment in this company.

Duty hours: 9.00am – 7.00pm

This company is also following the 10 hour work schedule which is currently followed in all companies.

Working time for you is total 10 hours in this company.

Gender : Male only

The company has informed that only men are required for work in this company.

So all male friends who are looking for job opportunities on our Job 7 News website, please take advantage of this one job opportunity.

Benefits: RoomPF & ESI

The company has said that suitable arrangements will be made for those who have chosen to work in the company.

Wanted skill: Electrician and Helpers

We are looking for skilled electricians and helpers to join our dedicated team at our company located in Ambattur.

Accommodation: For food, you have to pay Rs.3000 for PG Hostel, and room is free

As part of our commitment to employee welfare, we provide accommodation to those in need. For food expenses, employees can opt for hostel stay and Rs. 3000 However, the room itself will be provided free of charge to ensure comfortable and affordable living facilities for our employees.

Interview: Direct Joining

We follow direct admission process for Fresher’s Trainee post. After successfully completing the interview process, the successful candidates will be offered the job immediately.

Salary: ₹14,000 – ₹20,000

The monthly salary paid to the employees working in this company will be commensurate with the qualification and experience of the candidate.

Contact details:

If you want to work in this company and have any doubts about this job opportunity, you can contact us in the below post.

[email protected]
HR Department, Ph – 95852 41994, 78451 18287, 88258 51680, 90802 11492

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