Announcement by the Governor on suspension of dismissal of Minister Senthil Balaji

June 30, 2023

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Governor Ravi yesterday ordered the removal of Senthil Balaji from the Tamil Nadu cabinet

There are criminal cases against Senthil Balaji. Therefore, he has said that his continuation in the cabinet will have a major impact on the rule of law.

In the notification issued by the Governor’s House:- Minister Thiru V.Senthil Balaji is facing serious criminal proceedings in a number of cases of corruption including taking cash for jobs and money laundering. Abusing his position as a Minister, he has been influencing the investigation and obstructing the due process of law and justice. Currently he is in judicial custody in a criminal case being investigated by the Enforcement Directorate. Some more criminal cases against him under the Prevention of Corruption Act and the Indian Penal Code are being investigated by the State Police. There are reasonable apprehensions that continuation of Thiru V. Senthil Balaji in the Council of Ministers will adversely impact the due process of law including fair investigation that may eventually lead to breakdown of the Constitutional machinery in the State. Under these circumstances, Hon’ble Governor has dismissed Thiru V.Senthil Balaji from the Council of Ministers with immediate effect. In this case, Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has condemned the announcement made by the Governor’s House to remove Senthil Balaji from the cabinet.

In this case, the letter written by Governor RN Ravi to Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has come out saying to suspend the letter written to remove Senthil Balaji from the cabinet.

In the letter, Senthil Balaji’s removal has been put on hold on the instructions of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The Union Home Minister has advised to consult the Advocate General of the Central Government in this regard

It has been decided to seek advice from the Advocate General of the central government regarding the dismissal of Senthil Balaji.