College girls should not post photos on DP, says Women’s Commission president Kumari

June 30, 2023

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State Women’s Commission president Kumari has asked college students not to post their photos on DP.

A seminar on women was held in Chennai by the Tamil Nadu Women’s Commission. In this, Women’s Commission President Kumari participated. After that, Kumari spoke to the media

Since the day when Chief Minister Stalin appointed me as Chairperson of the Women’s Commission, we have been doing a lot of awareness-raising efforts.

Cybercrime is a problem that is plaguing the world today. In particular, we are conducting seminars on the problems faced by women on social media.

Without Father Periyar, Guru Anna, Annal Ambedkar Karunanidhi, we would not exist. They are all leaders who fought for us. Many laws can be mentioned as property rights for women. We are creating awareness among college girls about this. “College girls should not put photos on DP. They take those photos and morph them. Technology has as many advantages as there are disadvantages. It is important how to manage it. We are teaching it to the girls.” He said