Cops should not use cell phones while on duty, Chennai Metropolitan Police Commissioner!

Jul 04, 2023

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Sandeep Roy Rathore, Commissioner of Police of Chennai Metropolitan Police Department, said that policemen should not use cell phones while on duty.

In a statement published in this regard,

Chennai Metropolitan Police Commissioner has instructed that none of the policemen should use cell phones while on duty

The Director General of Police/Chief of Police (DGP/HoPF) and the Chennai Metropolitan Commissioner of Police (COP/GCP) had issued circulars stressing that no policemen should use cell phones while on duty. Emphasizing this, a circular is issued even today (03.07.2023).

In this case, the Commissioner of Chennai Metropolitan Police Mr. Sandeep Roy Rathore, E.G.P. Policemen on security duty and traffic on roads are using mobile phone during working hours, they are distracted so that they cannot perform their duty properly and due to this distraction, many important tasks are delayed especially Law & order, security task, VIP security task, temple and festival security should be strictly enforced during security duty. He advised the policemen to inform the police officers when assigning the duty and when explaining about the duty that they should not use cell phones. as

Moreover, the use of cell phones distracts the attention of police officers because it is very important for police officers who are involved in the most important tasks of regulating traffic and taking appropriate action against those who violate traffic rules, to be constantly alert and correct traffic, and to detect traffic violations immediately and take action. Therefore, the Commissioner of Police has advised that policemen should not use cell phones during duty hours, realizing that there will be delay in regulating traffic and detecting violations.

Security of very important people, important struggles during such important work. It is also advised that the officers under Police Assistant Inspectors should not use cell phones.

Therefore, all the Additional Commissioners of Police, Joint Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners should ensure that the Police Officers working under them follow these instructions very strictly without any hesitation and also post it on the information boards of all Police Stations and read and display it every morning during the morning parade. The Commissioner has advised to strictly follow the advice.