Two judges gave a different verdict in the case of Minister Senthil Balaji! Full details

Jul 04, 2023

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The verdict was given today on the recruitment petition filed by the wife of Minister Senthil Balaji

The enforcement department arrested Minister Senthil Balaji in the early hours of the 14th for being involved in illegal money transactions. At the time of his arrest, he was ill and was admitted to Chennai’s Omandurar Government Hospital. After that a check-up there revealed that he had a blood clot in the heart and was recommended to undergo a bypass surgery after which the surgery was done at Kaveri Hospital with the permission of the court. He is currently resting in the hospital.

While Senthilbalaji has been arrested by the enforcement department, the Chennai District Principal Sessions Judge has ordered to keep him in judicial custody till the 12th. He is currently in judicial custody.

Meanwhile, Senthilbalaji’s wife Megala filed a petition in the Chennai High Court claiming that the enforcement department has illegally arrested him and he has been detained illegally. Two judges have given a different verdict in the judgment given by the Madras High Court which heard this case.

Justice Bharatha Chakraborty dismissed the petition filed by Senthil Balaji’s wife Megala.

Thus, Justice Nisha Bhanu ordered the release of Senthil Balaji, saying his arrest was illegal.

In other words, Justice Nisha Banu has ruled that the arrest of Senthil Balaji is illegal and Justice Bharatha Chakraborty has ruled that this petition is not fit for trial.

Therefore, in the case filed by Senthil Balaji’s wife, two judges have given a different verdict, so the case has been referred to the Chief Justice’s bench.

Accordingly, the recruitment case has been sent to the Chief Justice for hearing by the 3rd Judge