What is the truth behind the viral video of a woman being shot dead in the middle of the road in Manipur? Manipur woman shot dead on road

Jul 04, 2023

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What is the truth behind the video of Manipur girl shot dead in the middle of the road?

For the past few days many people on social media have been talking about the human rights violations in Manipur which are taking precious lives. The ethnic conflict has reached a fever pitch in Manipur. Why is the central government making fun of this riot? Whose responsibility is it to prevent this? Today many people are sharing a video saying that Manipur can be our state tomorrow.

In the video shared by many people, a young woman is being asked by some armed men to knock her down in the middle of the road. At the end many people asked admin media if the news is true that the woman is being shot dead and admin media domain found the truth of the news.

That news is false

No one should believe it

So what is the truth?

Regarding the widely shared video, our Admin Media Fact-Finding team investigated the video, converted the video into a separate image and searched Google through reverse image search and found that the widely-shared video did not take place in Manipur, but took place in Myanmar.

Full Details:-

Manipur is a state in Northeast India. Imphal is the capital city of Manipur. Manipur is in the middle of Nagaland in the north, Mizoram in the south, Assam in the west and Myanmar in the east. As far as Manipur is concerned, the largest community in terms of numbers is the Maithi community. They speak the traditional Maithi language called Manipuri. Manipur, a monarchy in British India until 1947, was annexed to India in 1949. After that it was a part of the Union of India till 1956. It got separate statehood in 1972. Manipur state has 60 assembly constituencies and one parliamentary constituency, currently ruled by BJP


Their long-standing demand is to include the Maithi community in the tribal list of the state, while the tribals of the state are opposing the demand for ST status for the Maithi community.

The petition said that the Manipur government should be directed to submit a proposal to the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs for the inclusion of the Maithi community in the Schedule of Tribes in the Constitution of India.

Due to this, there has been a clash between the two sides for the past few days and violence has erupted between the tribals and the Medhi community. Houses, churches and schools were reportedly set on fire in the riots.

As a result, the city caught fire. Curfew was imposed in 8 districts of Manipur last night after violence broke out in Imphal, Surachandpur and Kangbokpi. The Manipur government has also suspended internet access to control the situation in the state. Army has been called in to bring the situation under control. Along with the police, the army and the Assam Rifles are carrying out security operations.

Fake news:-

In this case, the name of the woman in the video shared by many people is Ai Mar Tun and she is 24 years old. He lives in Thamu Township, Sagaing Region, Myanmar, Burma and works as a teacher.

The widely shared video is from June 2022, when Myanmar’s People’s Defense Force (PDF) militants shot dead.

He was allegedly killed on suspicion, leading to the arrest of several PDF members. It was also mentioned that the government had said that the PDF members would face severe punishment if found guilty of killing the woman.


So no one should share fake news

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