Prior approval for erecting electric fences is mandatory – Tamil Nadu Government action announcement

Jul 05, 2023

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Prior approval for erecting electric fences is mandatory – Tamil Nadu Government action announcement

In this regard, the Tamil Nadu Government issued a press release:-

The Government of Tamil Nadu is very much involved in the protection of wildlife. In this case, due to high voltage electric fences, electric accidents occur and wild animals especially elephants die due to electrocution. Hence for the protection of wildlife, it has become imperative to lay down norms with standardized criteria for erecting electric fences. At the same time, in areas adjacent to forests, it is absolutely essential to protect farmers’ welfare by protecting agricultural produce from being damaged by wild animals. Standardized following regulations will help farmers protect their crops.

As a first initiative, the Government of Tamil Nadu has notified the Tamil Nadu Electric Fences (Registration and Regulation) Rules 2023 in the Gazette (03.07.2023). This will lead to the establishment of electric fences, including solar electric fences, and the registration, standardization and regulation of existing electric fences around agricultural land.

The salient features of the rules notified by the government are as follows:-

Prior permission is mandatory for erecting electric fences including solar electric fences. Acquiring also makes it mandatory to register already erected electric fences.

These rules are applicable only to agricultural lands within 5 km from reserve forests notified by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

All companies in the business of erecting electric fences shall comply with BIS standards BIS-302-2-76 prescribed in these Rules. (India) Must be subject to regulations.

It is now mandatory for those who have already set up electric fences within 5 km of the notified reserve forest area to register their fences with the concerned District Forest Officer.

A one-time joint inspection team consisting of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board and Forest Department officials to ensure compliance with the conditions. Do this for a fortnight and record the details in the register book.

The concerned District Forest Officer, after inspecting the site where the electric fence is to be erected and checking with the authorities, after checking the specifications and due inspection, approve, reduce or reject the application and take a decision on the application within 45 days.

A landowner who has already installed electric fences on the date of publication of these rules shall apply to the District for a certificate of registration within sixty days from the date of publication of these rules. To the Forest Officer

Once the permit is obtained, the property owner must install the electric fence within ninety days from the date of approval and apply for registration of the electric fence with an undertaking.

After a joint review by a committee of forest department and power department officials, it should be set up every three years.