If you do this, you will get petrol for Rs.15 per liter! Minister Nitin Gadkari petrol will be sold at rs 15 per liter in India Nitin Gadkari

Jul 06, 2023

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If petrol is sold at Rs 102 at present, it will be available at Rs 15 National Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari He surprised everyone by saying

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari addressed a public meeting in Rajasthan. Then He has said that petrol will be sold at Rs.15.

This government is running on the idea that farmers will become not only food producers but also energy producers.

Farmers themselves can produce energy. They can sell it themselves and earn profit. Nowadays, all the vehicles have started running on ethanol. Vehicles in the country will switch to 60% ethanol and 40% electric vehicles and petrol prices will drop to Rs 15 per litre. This will also reduce air pollution.

The import of crude oil will also decrease. Currently, India is importing crude oil to the tune of Rs 16 lakh crore. If this situation changes, this Rs 16 lakh crore will be available to farmers in India. This will increase their livelihood,” he said.

That means if 60 percent of the vehicles in the country run on petrol and 40 percent run on electricity, petrol will be available at Rs.15 per litre. People will also benefit from this,” he said.