Meta’s “Threads” Launch to Rival Twitter Full Details

Jul 06, 2023

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Facebook’s parent company Meta has launched a new app called “Threads” to compete with the Twitter app

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, Twitter has been going through a series of ups and downs. Fees to get official Blue Tick, Twitter staff fired, technical glitch ‘Twitter Deck’, which allows users to post from multiple accounts, will be available to paid subscribers from August Many users are dissatisfied with Twitter.

In this context, Meta today introduced a new social networking app called Threads with similar features and some additional features to attract Twitter users.

Thirats Highlights:-

With this, you can instantly post news, comments, photos, videos

A series of comments on a particular message on Twitter are referred to as ‘Threads’ hence Meta named its app as Threads.

Users can link Threads’ account with their photo sharing platform ‘Instagram’ account

It is also said that there is no need to pay for something like official Bluetick.

It has been announced that everyone can use it worldwide from today

To download the app:-