Rabindranath’s victory in Theni constituency is invalid, Madras High Court verdict! High Court declares Ravindranath Lok Sabha victory as invalid

Jul 06, 2023

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2019 Lok Sabha Elections: Madras High Court verdict invalidates O.P. Rabindranath’s victory in Theni constituency!

Opposing the verdict, O.P. Rabindranath’s order stayed for 30 days to appeal!

In 2019, the DMK-Congress alliance won 39 seats, with only Rabindranath winning from the AIADMK-BJP alliance.

In the 2019 parliamentary elections, Rabindranath won by a margin of 76,672 votes against Congress’s EVKS Ilangovan and AAMUK’s Thanga Tamilchelvan.

Milani, a voter of Theni constituency, had filed a case in the Madras High Court seeking annulment of his victory in Theni constituency.

In that petition, Rabindranath won the election by paying voters to vote for him. While the Vellore constituency election was postponed due to money laundering complaint, the election was not postponed in Theni constituency even though there was a lot of money laundering.

And O.P. He had stated in the petition that Rabindranath had filed an affidavit hiding the bank loan

The trial of this case was going on before Justice SS Sund. The judgment was handed down today (Thursday) after all arguments were completed and the case was adjourned.

Accordingly Based on the investigation conducted in this case so far and the documents submitted, the victory of OP Ravindranath, who contested and won the Theni parliamentary seat in the 2019 parliamentary elections, is null and void,” he ruled.

Moreover, accepting the request of Rabindranath’s side, the judge has ordered that Rabindranath has 30 days to file an appeal against the High Court decision.