30 things are prohibited in saudi arabia airport

Jul 08, 2023

Admin Media


King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah has announced that 30 items are prohibited from being carried in passengers’ luggage.

Airport officials said such items will be confiscated and passengers have no right to claim them.

And the airport has warned pilgrims departing for Hajj not to carry these dangerous and prohibited items in their luggage.

16 of these items are prohibited from being carried in aircraft cabins. These items include knives, compressed gases, poisonous liquids, knives, baseball bats, skateboards, explosives or firecrackers.

Prohibited items include firearms, magnetic materials, radioactive or corrosive materials, tools, nail clippers, scissors, meat cleavers, and ammunition. Oxidants, organic peroxides, radioactive materials, electric shock devices, disabling devices, automatic skateboards, liquid oxygen devices, toxic or 14 items such as biological materials are included in the list of dangerous goods prohibited for transportation.

Airport officials insisted that these 30 prohibited items would be confiscated and passengers would not have the right to claim them. Passengers are urged to contact their respective airlines for further details.