Tamil Nadu government released the application form for women’s entitlement scheme kalaignar magalir urimai thogai thittam application form

The Tamil Nadu Government has released the application form for the Women’s Entitlement Scheme

Aadhaar number, name, family card number, phone number, property details, land ownership and vehicle details are also asked in the application for Women’s Entitlement Scheme.

The Tamil Nadu Government has announced the eligibility criteria for the beneficiaries to receive the Women’s Entitlement Amount

Women’s Entitlement Rs.1000 is not available for heads of households with 5 acres.

Only one woman’s allowance will be given per family card

There is no women’s allowance for owning a car

There is no entitlement of Rs.1000 for those whose annual income is more than Rs.2 lakh.

Female MLAs, MPs, Female Entitlement Rs.1000 No.

1000 no women’s allowance for women government employees.

Apply for entitlement at any ration shop where family card is available.

Beneficiary should be 21 years of age to avail women’s stipend.

There is no upper age limit

Eligible women are advised to take steps to pay the entitlement amount into their bank accounts

Application Procedures:-

1) To benefit from Artist Women’s Rights Scheme for Heads of Household. A female child who has completed 21 years of age can apply from families who meet the following qualifications. That is, those born before September 15, 2002 can apply.

For this scheme Public Distribution Fair Price Shops will be taken as a unit of enumeration. Applicants will locate the Fair Price Shop where they have their family card

Apply only at the application registration camp. Only one beneficiary is eligible to apply for a family card,

Definition of housewife:-

All the persons named in the family card are considered as a family.

ii) Head of household in every eligible family can apply for benefit of Artist Women Entitlement Scheme.

The woman named as the head of the family in the family card is considered as the head of the family.

iv) If the family card mentions a male as the head of the family, the wife of the head of the family will be treated as the head of the family.

v) Single unmarried women. Households headed by handmaids and transgenders are also considered heads of households.

vi) If a family has more than one female who has completed 21 years of age, the family members can nominate one person to apply for the benefit under the scheme.

Economic Qualifications:-

Families applying for the benefit of Artist Women’s Rights Scheme should meet the following three economic criteria:

i) Households earning annual income below Rs.2.5 lakhs.

) families holding less than five acres of Nansey land or less than ten acres of Bunsey land.

Households consuming less than 3800 units of electricity for domestic use per year.

There is no need to obtain income proof or land documents separately for financial qualifications and attach it to the application.

Those who are not eligible to benefit from Artist Women Rights Scheme:-

If any of the family members of the applicant applying for the benefit of Artist Women’s Entitlement Scheme belong to any of the following categories of family members, the applicant belonging to that family shall not be eligible for the Women’s Entitlement amount. Families earning annual income above Rs 2.5 lakh.

ii) Income tax return filers with annual family income above Rs 2.5 lakh and income tax

Paying business tax with income above Rs.2.5 lakh per annum

Payers. iv) State, Union Government Employees Employees of Public Sector Undertakings/Banks, Boards, Local Bodies, Employees of Co-operative Societies and their pensioners.

v) Elected People’s Representatives (other than Municipal Council Ward Members). ie Members of Parliament. Assembly Members, District Panchayat Presidents, District Panchayat Members. Panchayat union leaders. Panchayat union members. Panchayat Council Presidents. Corporation.

Municipal, Borough Presidents and Members. vi) Car for own use. Jeep. Tractor. Owners of four-wheeled vehicles such as heavy vehicles.

vi) Owners of business establishments having an annual turnover of more than 50 lakhs and paying Goods and Services Tax (GST).

vii) Families already in receipt of Social Security Scheme Pensions like Old Age Pension (OAP), Widow Pension, Non-Organized Labor Welfare Pension and Pension from Govt.

Family members falling under any of the above ineligibility categories are not eligible to benefit from the Artist Women Rights Scheme.


Families with a member receiving Maintenance Allowance for Severely Handicapped by the Department of Disabled Persons are eligible to apply. These actors. Those who fulfill other eligibility criteria of the scheme and have no eligibility are eligible.