Rumor spread as a Muslim father who married his daughter for the 4th time !! What is the truth? a father married his daughter 4th marriage

That news is false

No one should believe it

So what is the truth?

What is the truth?

Regarding the widely shared video, our admin media fact-finding team investigated the video, converted the video into a separate photo and searched on Google reverse image search and concluded that the widely shared video was taken in Pakistan in 2021 and the daughter’s father was not married. Admin Media Fact-Finding Team found

Full Details:-

The video shared by many people is that Aamir Khan, who is a native of Pakistan, is married to Rabia, and they are currently in the United States. After the video taken by his friend in 2021 went viral, the Pakistani website Daily Pakistan published the news.

I have married my student as my 4th wife. But the news was published under the title Aamir Khan said I am not Mufti.

And it is true that Rabia is my fourth wife, but I don’t have four wives at this time. At present I have only one wife Rabia. I have divorced my first three wives. We got married 10 years ago and now have kids.

And I am not a Quran teacher or any Islamic subject teacher and I gave computer training to Rabia while I was teaching in her father’s school in Lahore. That’s why he called me teacher in that video, he explained


So no one should share fake news