Seema Ghulam Haider full profile of Pakistani woman who came to India with 4 children for her boyfriend and became a Hindu

July 10, 2023

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A woman from Pakistan entered India illegally after falling in love with a man from Noida

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Sachin Meena, a 22-year-old boy from Greater Noida, and Seema Haider, a 30-year-old woman from Pakistan, fell in love while playing Pubg. They have been in love for the past 3 years

Seema is already married and has 4 children. Her husband Ghulam Haider is working in Saudi Arabia.

It was then that Seema decided to leave her husband and live with Sachin. Subsequently, she illegally entered India with her 4 children through Noblem and reached Noida.

The two started living together in a rented flat in Greater Noida’s Rabupura area with four children.

The police arrested Seema, her four children and Sachin after the local police received information that a Pakistani woman was living illegally.

Seema Haider was arrested on July 4 last for illegally entering India without a visa. Seema, along with her four children under the age of seven, was jailed by Sachin for harboring illegal immigrants.The court granted them bail. After that, both of them came to the house in Rabupura area of ​​Greater Noida last Saturday.

After that, Seema spoke to the media I converted to Hinduism. I have also changed my name from Seema Haider to Seema Sachin. We have also named my children Raj, Priyanka, Pari and Munni.

We are happy now. He said that soon we will legally take a bath in the Ganges and get married as per the Hindu tradition

Meanwhile, Seema Haider’s husband Ghulam Haider has made a request to Prime Minister Modi through a video. In that video

My wife has come to India with children. The man invited him to India after playing the game of Pubji. My wife and children should be sent back to Pakistan. He has requested that the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi should help in this