What is the truth of the video that is circulating that the train was started by pushing Passengers Pushing train?

July 10, 2023

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A video of soldiers, people and railway employees pushing an unidentified train down the tracks in the northern state has gone viral on the internet.

In the video, the train breaks down in the middle of the road and soldiers and others get down and push the train.

But many people were sharing the name of the broken down train in the video and not knowing where the video was taken.

South Central Railway Authority on Twitter


This relates to Tr No 12703 (HWH-SC) fire incident on 07.07.23 The video is about conscious decision by Rly Personnel & Local Police to detach the rear coaches to avoid further spread of fire. It was an emergency action taken without waiting for help from engine

On the 7th, an express train traveling from Howrah to Secunderabad suddenly caught fire. In this, while the fire spread to S2 to S6 compartments, those compartments were removed to prevent the spread of fire to S1, S2 and general compartments.

It is reported that while waiting for the engine to arrive to haul the boxes, the security forces and the railway police together with the people gathered and pushed the train to prevent the fire from spreading.