Special patta camp at 100 places across Tamil Nadu on the occasion of artist centenary Tamilnadu government announcement free patta scheme tamilnadu

July 11, 2023

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Government of Tamil Nadu has announced a special Patta camp at 100 places across Tamil Nadu on the occasion of the artist’s centenary

In the notification issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu in this regard:-

In view of the centenary celebrations of late former Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi to be held from June 2023 to June 2024, the government has investigated the possibility of holding special Patta camps at 100 places across Tamil Nadu.

2) In order to ensure that all the homeless poor and needy people have their own housing facility, the revenue department is providing free housing cards to the eligible beneficiaries following the following steps:-

a) Housing on outlying Nattam lands: From lands allocated as Village Nattam under Revenue Status Ordinance No.21. Free housing is provided to eligible, homeless poor people. In the event that the lands classified as Natham are not sufficient, other unobjectionable government extraterritorial lands are selected and the Pattas are issued by changing the classification to Natham using the authority given to the Revenue Commissioners/District Heads under Revenue Status Ordinance No. 21(6).

b) Special e-Patta: The Adi Dravidian & Tribal Welfare Department and the Backward People Welfare Department are providing online house-pattas to the beneficiaries who have built houses and are living in the land acquired in the past, and the details of the vacant plots in those lands are being surveyed and e-pattas are being issued to the eligible beneficiaries through special software.

c) Free Housing for Marginalized People The government is identifying eligible slums and reclassifying them and providing them with free housing.

d) City / Natham Land Plan Pattas: In towns and villages across the state where land plan work has not been completed and some villages that are left out, land plan work is currently being carried out and long-term residents are being issued pattas on the basis of experience and documents.

8) Lease Transfer Orders: Actions are being taken on unsubscribed lease transfer petitions with clauses received online (petitions received through e-service and petitions received online from sub-registrars) based on property transfers on leased lands owned by individuals and online transfer orders are being issued.

f) Land Titles under Forest Title Act: The hill people and tribals who have been living and farming in the protected forests for a long time are being issued land title titles for the land where they are living / farming.

3) In view of the centenary celebrations of former Chief Minister Artist M. Karunanidhi to be held from June 2023 to June 2024, the government has decided to hold special Patta camps at 100 places across Tamil Nadu. Based on that, the following guidelines are given to the district administration regarding the conduct of the above special: Patta camps in each district.

(i) mentioned in Annexure-1 in each district
These Special Patta Camps should be conducted under the leadership of Deputy Collector level officers at a number of places.

(i) The following activities should be carried out in these Special Patta Camps:-

Issuance of house titles: In the above camp. Pattas are to be issued to eligible beneficiaries to obtain Housing Pattas / Patta Transfer Orders under various mechanisms as mentioned in paragraph 2 in those areas.

Receipt of Transfer Petitions:

In this camp, the petitions related to the transfer of license from the public should be received and registered online and immediate action should be taken on the eligible petitions and the license change orders should be issued to the beneficiaries online.

Rectification of errors in revenue documents: Petitions regarding rectification of errors in various revenue documents should be received from the public and the same should be investigated and final orders should be issued promptly.

Based on such orders, appropriate changes shall be made in the Tamil Nilam software by the Revenue Commissioner concerned within a period of one week.

Other revenue related petitions and other departmental petitions: Other revenue related petitions and other departmental petitions received in the above special camps should be forwarded to appropriate officers for appropriate action. will be received in the above camp

All types of petitions should be disposed of within a period of one month as per rules.

(i) The concerned District Collector and District Revenue Officers should inspect the conduct of Special Patta Camps as per the above guidelines.

4. Also the form for conducting Special Patta Camps is enclosed in Annexure 2.