Video of the public slapping youths who caused an accident by driving under the influence of alcohol in Puducherry

July 12, 2023

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In Puducherry, public beat the people who caused the accident by driving under the influence of alcohol.

Dilip, Abhishek, Ebenezer, Srinath and Sunil from Medavakkam and Pallikarani area of ​​Chennai. Black color with Tamil Nadu number plate They have come to Puducherry by car. There they have drunk too much and come to the city area completely intoxicated. There, the traffic police on security duty tried to stop the car which was speeding in the opposite direction on the one-way road.

The car did not stop and sped down a one-way road, knocking over oncoming vehicles and civilians.

As a result, the public and the police chased the car. The car overturned in a ditch near Karuvadikuppam. Then the youths who followed the car broke the windows and doors of the car 5 people They dragged him outside and kicked him. In which they were seriously injured,

On getting information about this, the Laspet police reached the spot. Subsequently, the Chennai gang was rescued and admitted to the government hospital. A video about this has now been released and has created a sensation.

Watch video:-