New facility in google pin number, password required full details google pay upi lite tamil

July 15, 2023

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Google UPI LITE payment service now allows one-click payment without entering UPI PIN Full Details

Google Pay is currently launching a platform called UPI LITE.

That is, Google has introduced a new UPI LITE service to make payments with one click without entering the UPI PIN in the Google Pay app.

Until now, any UPI payment requires a UPI pin or password, but from now on, it has been reported that payments can be made without entering the pin.

Google Pay:-

In Google Pay generally we send money to any bank or scan or mobile number through Google Pay then in Before making the payment the passenger has to enter the corresponding 4 or 6 digit numbers viz We send money only by giving PIN number or UPI password

But now This service also allows anyone to make payments without a password Google has introduced UPI Lite service

Earlier Paytm also introduced UPI Lite service a few months ago, Google Pay has recently launched a similar service.

Google Lite:-

Google has stated that the users of Google Pay UPI Lite service can keep up to 2 thousand rupees in the wallet twice a day and make payments below 200 rupees without pinning.

Although the Google Pay UPI Lite service is linked to a bank account, it does not withdraw money from the bank account every time. In contrast, you can load money into the wallet of the UPI Lite service and make payments without a password.

Further On Google Pay UPI Lite service 2,000 twice in a day for a total of Rs. 4000 can be loaded and transacted. Transactions up to Rs.200 do not need to pay for the post number.

How to avail service:-

Go to the Play Store and download or update the Google Pay app

If you already have Google Pay app, just click on UPI LITE and activate it.

Go to Google Pay profile and select setup payment methods and select UPI Lite.

Next click on continue and pay up to Rs.2000. To pay through UPI Lite, select UPI Lite Account and then mention Pre Pay. That’s it now you can pay through UPI Lite.

You can load Rs 4000 per day and make payments under Rs 200 without any UPI password. Just click on Pay PIN-Free when the payment is complete.

Pay with UPI Lite on Google PayUPI Lite is an on-device wallet with the following key features:

Make payments of up to ₹200 INR without the use of a UPI PIN on the Google Pay app.

No fees.

No KYC required.

Maximum balance is ₹2,000 INR and you can spend up to a total of ₹4,000 INR within 24 hours.

To get started,

set up your UPI Lite balance:

Choose an eligible bank account that supports UPI Lite to add money from.

Find the list of banks that support UPI Lite below.

Add up to ₹2,000 INR to your UPI Lite balance.

When you set up your UPI Lite balance, UPI Lite will be the default payment method option for payments of ₹200 INR or less.