Directs registration officers to submit property declaration by July 25

July 17, 2023

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Directed to Registration Officers and all employees to file assets return by 25.07.2023

The Hon’ble Madras High Court on 17.07.2023 WP Nos.2711 & 2719 of 2019 & 3177 of 2020 and wmpno.3683 of 2020 dated 17.07.2023 Circular issued on 17.07.2023.

Rule 7(3) of the Government Servant Rules of Conduct 1973 states that every Government servant shall submit a statement of their assets in the appropriate form every 5 years. And its clause 7(3)(a) provides as follows

“immovable property inherited or owned by one’s ancestors or in the name of one’s own or a member of one’s family or another by way of lease or mortgage”

The Registrar, above officers and all other employees should submit the property statement of their family members (mother, father, brother, sister, husband/wife, son, daughter and husband/wife’s mother father and brother sister) and related persons with Aadhaar no. And a circular has been issued to attach the Permanent Account Number (PAN) within one week to the concerned District Registrars / Deputy Heads of Registration / 25.07.2023.