Sonu kinnar fake video of naked woman beating policeman in Manipur is going viral

July 22, 2023

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For the past few days, many people have been sharing a video on social media saying that this is the scene taking place in Manipur, but whatever is coming out of the news, the real situation should be disclosed to the people with evidence. Many people asked Admin Media if the news is true and the Admin Media domain found the truth of the news


Manipur is a state in Northeast India. Imphal is the capital city of Manipur. Manipur is in the middle of Nagaland in the North, Mizoram in the South, Assam in the West and Myanmar in the East. As far as Manipur is concerned, the largest community in terms of numbers is the Maithi community. They speak their ancestral Maithi language called Manipuri. The language was added as one of the recognized languages ​​of India in 1992. Manipur, a monarchy in British India until 1947, was annexed to India in 1949. After that it was a part of the Union of India till 1956. It got separate statehood in 1972. The state of Manipur has 60 assembly constituencies and one parliamentary constituency, currently ruled by the BJP


Their long-standing demand is to include the Maithi community in the tribal list of the state, while the tribals of the state are opposing the demand for ST status for the Maithi community. The petition asked the Manipur government to submit a proposal to the Union Tribal Affairs Ministry to include the Maithi community in the Schedule of Tribes in the Indian Constitution.


In this case, against the demand of the Maithi community to be given ST status, the All Tribal Students Union Manipur (ATSUM) organized a ‘Unity March’ at 10 places in the state. Thousands of tribals participated in the protest.


Then there was violence between the tribals and the Medhi community. Violence broke out in this rally and there was tension throughout the state. It is said that houses, churches and schools were set on fire in the riots. As a result, the city caught fire.

Viral Video:-

The violence that has been going on for the past few months in the state of Manipur is yet to end. More than a hundred people have died. More than a thousand people were injured. More than 50,000 people have been accommodated in camps for security reasons

In this case, a video of two tribal young women being dragged naked by a gang in a procession in the middle of the road has caused a stir.

In that video, two women belonging to the Sugi tribe were stripped naked by a large number of men and dragged by their private parts. The heart-wrenching incident that took place in Gangbokpi district on May 4th has come to the attention of the outside world only now. Four people have been arrested so far after the police registered a case and conducted an investigation.

Fake video circulating on the internet:-

In this case, a video of a woman in Manipur stripping off her clothes and attacking police officers naked is being circulated on social media.

That news is false

No one should believe it

So what is the truth?

What is the truth?

Regarding the widely shared video, our admin media fact-finding team investigated the video, converted the video into a separate image and searched on Google reverse image search, and finally found that the widely shared video did not take place in Manipur, but took place in Uttar Pradesh on 15.05.2023.

Full Details:-

Sonu Kinnar, a transgender, won the Mughalsarai Municipal Council election in Chandauli district in the state of Uttar Pradesh by a margin of 834 votes. But the Election Officer announced that BJP candidate Malathi Devi had won. Immediately, Sonukinnar’s supporters argued for a recount, and security police prevented the supporters from entering, leading to a scuffle between the police and the transgenders when the transgenders stripped off their clothes and had a heated argument with the police, UP Tak reported.


A video that happened in Uttarpresam is being spread falsely as if it happened in Manipur so no one should share this fake news.

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